Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals - Elvis Presley Blues (Audio Bootleg)

Here's a sweet, wonderful song from one of my favorite indie groups--Grace Potter and the Nocturnals singing "Elvis Presley Blues" (originally by Gillian Welch). Enjoy!

Update-2013--My first link was such an excellent version--live with some chic in the background calling out towards the end, "Come on, Girl!"  Anyway, looks like the YouTube account associated with it has been terminated so I'll put a different clip in here now.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Two paintings for a friend.

Here's a commissioned painting I did for a friend of mine, Jen Sowers (pictured above).  It's of her adorable, bubbly little girl!

This is the second painting I did for Jen, this time of her son.  It includes two of the things he loves:  Power Rangers and those little green army men.  Oh, and his bear shirt. (-;

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Getting Started

I'm sitting in the midst of utter chaos in my art studio.  I am moving and arranging all of my--crap--and I think, is the sum total of my life going to be about getting organized?  Maybe that's it.  Maybe when I finally master this seemingly mundane concept, I will reach nirvana and be able to let my soul rest in blissful peace.  Hmm.  If that idea is true, I guess I will be living a long life! 

This blog of mine is about incorporating as much daily joy into my life as possible by doing those things that truly make me happy (see "About Me section.").  I want to try recipes from all my cookbooks (and WHOA, NELLY, that's a boatload.)  I want to draw and paint each and every day.  The only way I'm going to be able to do this on a consistent basis is by--geez, here's another dirty, grown-up word--by being "disciplined" and doing these things each day for the rest of my life.  Good grief--my mantra of life must be organization and discipline?  I want to throw a big tantrum.  That's not me.  I'm free-spirited, a nightowl, someone who hates to be pinned down to a plan.  But on the other hand, I am feeling out of control in my crazy life.  Well, at least in my crazy room.  I need to be able to keep my tilt-a-whirl ways, but in the presence of peace.  Well, at least I need to be able to find my red paint and a paintbrush when I need it.  That's what I realized today, when all I could find was a plastic baggie of Q-tips on the floor that I hadn't put away from a trip 2 weeks ago.  When the need to paint hits, I'll use whatever, but it might have been better to have just been able to grab a paintbrush.  Thus, "Live, Draw, Paint" is going to have to have a couple of best friends--organization and discipline.  Sounds nauseating.  Ha!  So I'm cleaning.  The rest of my house looks pretty good, but in my cave of creativity, I'm holding onto a limb suspended over quicksand.  I'm going to have to fix that.