Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Flirty Grandpa

Flirty Grandpa - Rummaging around in the attic, Grandpa Theo found his old Sgt. Pepper-styled jacket. Ah, the memories he had when he had worn it last. He glanced furtively behind him, and quickly slipped into it. Well, he tore the inside lining when he stretched both arms through the sleeves, of course. He wasn't as fit as he was at twenty. Yet, he could get it on! He felt a cocky attitude come over him as the jacket gave his slack body the appearance of a toned physique. Without a doubt, he would be asking Margaret to join him at the 60's revival concert tonight. He turned sharply and gave himself a wink into a dusty mirror. He had become Flirty Grandpa!

Being One with Nature

Marge constantly badgered her husband to be "one with nature" for the sake of his health. Always wanting to keep the peace in their marriage, Harry made sure he obeyed.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Hallway Dancer

Here's a little fantastical something I drew on an old Anthropologie receipt envelope.  I thought she had a Chagall-like charm.  As soon as I posted her on Facebook, someone de-friended me.

Remember dear ones, It's always good to separate yourself from conformists. (-;

By the way, I was listening to a very old Robert Plant song, (post-Led Zepplin) called "Big Log."  Click here for that atmospheric gem.

Thursday, September 8, 2016


I actually am so proud of this one.  I like how the pen reacted against the pastel/acrylic/marker, almost in a hiccuping type of way...hmm.  That sounds pretty strange, but it's the best way I can describe it.

I am a huge lover of color, but I think I like the starkness of ink of paper even more.


Party Girl Makes Her Pick

A little mixed-media action here.

Party Girl Makes Her Pick

Monday, August 29, 2016

There's Always A Way to Make Life Better - Philips: A little more action

I happened upon this video by accident, and because I'm always a sucker for stories about people going after their dream, I had to share!  P.S., And don't you love that tag line:  "There's always a way to make life better."  Makes you feel like you could do anything!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Cool In Blue

I was listening to a slow jam the other night, and this musician came out of it.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Trader Joe's, A Cute Checkout Boy, Humiliation, and a Raspberry Tart

So convinced that he had made a fool of himself with his inane banter in front of the new checkout boy, Greg ate his entire Trader Joe's raspberry tart in humiliation as soon as he got home.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Chastised Charles and His Paper Hats

During school, Charles was chastised for constantly constructing paper airplanes and hats. Nonetheless, he could not stop, and he continued in obscurity with his paper-folding ways. That was until a head designer for Issey Miyake saw the genius in his origami at a small fair, hired him on the spot, and forever changed his shame into worldwide fame.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Happy 73rd Birthday, Robert De Niro!

I posted this before, but on the occasion of his 73rd birthday, I had to put my watercolor and ink painting of Robert De Niro out there one more time. (-:

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sucre- Crazy [Loner EP]

I have been so obsessed with this song that I thought I should share it with the rest of you.  Listen especially at 2:11 forward.  Stacy King's vocals just float over the scale, and I love the way her voice breaks over the word "how" at 2:20.  Just beautifully powerful.  P.S. the true name of the group is Sucré.  You can find also find Stacy King's lifestyle blog on Instagram at @sucremusic and her lifestyle website is http://sucre-style.com/

Monday, August 15, 2016

Sheila Had Become A Wine Head

"Sheila Had Become A Wine Head" 

Sheila quickly brought her hand to her face, desperately trying to block her eyes from the free grocery store wine samples. She suspected she was becoming a wine head. Moments later, as she clutched her purse closely to her chest, slinking away from the now empty wine bottles on the shelf, she confirmed her dreaded suspicions.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Muhammad Ali

When I first heard Muhammad Ali had passed, I drew a quick pencil sketch of him.  I wanted to reflect his intelligence and sense of humor which I thought were just as brilliant as his boxing.

I started...and then I stopped. I was intimidated by the task and thought I could not do him justice.  Finally yesterday, July 31st, I thought, don't let another month pass without paying tribute to him.  So, I dug deep and finished his portrait.  I hope you like him.

 Ali--the quick sketch where he lingered for nearly 2 months.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Conserving Calder's Circus -The Whitney Museum

A friend and fellow artist, Julie Jenkins, made me aware of this great video clip from the Whitney Museum on Alexander Calder's Circus.  It's an amazing, incredible piece of performance art.  In these days where we fling through hundreds of images on Pinterest and Instagram at the speed of light, I'm hoping some of you will be able to slow down enough (it's 13 min.) to enjoy both the original unique and fantastic imagination of Calder and also the care and love of the conservators as they preserve this man's work, mind, and imagination.  Truly amazing!  Long live ART,  I love you in all your forms!!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Red and Gold

Red and Gold


Tessa Got Her Best Baking Insights

Tessa got her best baking insights whilst riding her bike in broad daylight.

Unbeknownst to Carlo

Unbeknownst to Carlo, his ex-girlfriend had just been hired at his favorite barbershop.

This was actually Day 35, "Unbeknowst to Carlo," but remember, I'm still catching up posting about 20 more pictures, and since then, I've posted current paintings, and well, I think I'm just going to give up on the number game--I'm all out of order now, and really, you don't mind, do you?  I fear I've been scrambling your mind by listing a day number then not.  So, I hereby decree, I'm stamping out the confusion, and just posting creations!

Seymour Wanted to Be A Cowboy

Seymour had wanted to be a cowboy even before he had heard of Kid Rock. But he loved the Blues, too. After torturing himself on picking a life path, he put on his 10-gallon hat & decided to be both. He changed his name to Tex, wrangled cattle on horseback, and played the blues circuit like his idol, Albert King, at night. Let's just say he was very lucky with the ladies (oh, and in fulfilling his life, too.)

By the way, I cut out the word "Blues" and the little stars under the handkerchief from strips that were used to wrap up a Hatch Show Print poster that I bought from that famous Letterpress printer a couple of years ago.  Here's a link to their website and if you're in Nashville, make sure you go visit them!


I called this by it's true name, "Debaters" on Facebook and then because it seems like such a political hotbed over there, I changed the name to "Talkers."  Help me!  Nothing was meant by it.  I could have called it "Conversationalists" or "Contemplaters" or "Cafe Yappers." ha!

Anyway, here it is, "Debater."  Enjoy!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Hardworkin' Cube

Hardworkin' Cube

Have enamel in this one to give it some cool shimmer which the camera does not pick up.  I'm loving this little cold fellow.

Embrace the Shake | Phil Hansen | TED Talks

Here's an excellent TED talk by Phil Hansen speaking on embracing our limitations, not only in making art, but in going through life in general.  Through-proving, inspiring, and heart-lifting.  I hope you like it, too. (-: