Sunday, July 26, 2015

Celebrating Your True Self

Tonight Caitlyn Jenner makes her series debut in "I Am Cait."  Although I posted this artwork back at the end of 2013 as part of my 365 Day Project, I thought it was apropos to put it out there again and to celebrate people taking off their masks and becoming their true selves.

I remember when the announcement first came out this past spring that Bruce (at the time) was transitioning into a woman.  I initially wondered to myself, was he so beaten down by his family that he felt emasculated?  I wanted to understand why he was doing it.  Google led me to Chris Jones' June/July 2012 Esquire Magazine article, "The Strange Thing About Bruce Jenner." I felt sorry for him as the article reflected what was shown on t.v.--that he seemed left in the dust and his huge place in history and Olympic achievements had been forgotten.

I actually was relieved for him to know that he had had these feelings as a young boy.  Hmm.  That sounds quite strange I know.  What I mean to say is, he became a woman, because he internally felt like one and now because he felt like he was less a man or had lost his manhood through the passage of time and relationships.  Why I worry about his feelings, I don't know, except to say, I hate to see any human being hurting.

I was glad I came to understand Kris Jenner's side of it, too.  She said she appeared to be the 'Wicked Witch of the West,' because he was pulling away into his own issues, and she felt alone.  OMG!  Yes, I love to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians!  (Thank you, Jennifer Lawrence, for admitting the same thing!)  I think they're the modern-day Brady Bunch, except that instead of the kids rooming in bunk beds, each one has their own million-dollar mansion. ha!  Anyway, who would have known that in the end, that show and Caitlyn's show would really be a touchstone for a huge, huge issue of love and acceptance.

So here ya' go:  A rerun and celebration for being your own true self, whatever that may be--take off those masks!

Day 356. Isa Removed Her Mask - SOLD

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Isa's body parts didn't quite fit together, and she had learned over the years to apply make-up expertly.  Shading made her nose more narrow and shortened, gave her more dramatic cheekbones, and reduced her jutting chin.  But she was tired of being someone she was not.  As she grew older, she also grew into her looks--or maybe she just grew into liking them better.  Whatever the reason, she decided once and for all to remove the mask that she had been wearing all her life.  Her maquillage was no longer needed.  Her confidence was strong.


  1. Interesting comments although your painting seems to only refer to her looks and the way she felt about them as she aged. I think most of us where masks, often as a way to hide our pain. when someone asks 'How are you?' they most of the time do not want the truth so we wear a mask of 'I'm fine'. This type of mask is almost a social necessity - if we told people how we really feel no one would ever talk to us - lol. I think the trick is to know you are wearing masks and to be true to yourself underneath. -Have a great week.

    1. Hello Mellowood Gallery, thank you for for stopping by and for your comments! (-: Absolutely, the original story that went with the picture referred to her makeup. However, the overall concept of taking off the mask one wears and being your true self is still universally true. If I had left out the original story, I believe the picture itself reflects that concept. And you are right, most people aren't really wanting to know how you feel! But you stated yourself exactly my intention, "to be true to yourself underneath." I think we think alike. (-: Whether we hide behind makeup or a false "happy" front, or by wearing certain clothes (the list goes on and on, doesn't it?), it's too exhausting to keep up. It's the deeper level I am aiming at. I'm glad Caitlyn set that deeper level free as well.