Tuesday, January 12, 2016

David Bowie Pt. 2 (charcoal portrait)

I had to really push myself to draw David Bowie tonight...I'm still in such shocked upset about his passing that I'm finding it hard to get it all together...a fitting drawing, a fitting tribute.  I feel so sad about it...like the world has stopped spinning in its regular path, such a loss that it is.

11" x 14"
Charcoal on Paper

Major Tom, you always led the way.  Why did you have to lead on this path so soon?


  1. This is really cool. Strong and defiant... and a little sad.

  2. L'artiste exigeant, empreint de mystère, nous transmet toute la singularité de sa personnalité à travers votre oeuvre Jill. Par la magie de vos traits de crayon de bois, vous nous rendez merveilleusement David Bowie,ici-bas et déjà ailleurs, projeté dans ses univers.