Monday, August 3, 2015

Corn Dog Seduction - SOLD

While sitting at an art show this weekend, I filled in the traffic slowdown time on Sunday afternoon with this drawing in my sketchbook.  For two days, the aroma of warm caramel corn and corn dogs tantalized my senses!  I thought I would put the sweet torture to good use.  In the end, in two days I ended up eating 4 corn dogs, a watermelon Italian ice, a lemon shake-up, and a big cherry shaved ice.  I'm proud to say the caramel corn never got to me...the line was to long. ha! ha!


  1. Mmmmm... looks like that corndog is whispering sweet nothings :)

    1. Ha! Oh yes, Sheila! Every year I have to have a corn dog at a fair/carnival, etc. A summer ritual, you know?