Sunday, January 10, 2016

Bobby, Distracted

The other day I saw a photo of Bobby Flay looking so distracted/perturbed/impatient, it cracked me up.  I actually felt sorry for him.  It was like he was at yet another contractual event amongst the masses who didn't even know what a caper was, and he just wanted to be ANYWHERE but there.  His Irish ire was irked!

I wanted to capture and exaggerate that look immediately.  I searched around for a piece of paper which turned out to be an old, Zingerman's food catalog.  Perfect!  This one is all oil, except for the lettering in marker.

Bobby, when he first appeared on the Food Network, had a bit of an arrogant attitude, and why shouldn't he?  He's good at what he does, he's had to make it in NYC, and he's in that rarefied stratosphere of chefs whose crossed over to mass appeal.  He's much more approachable, kind, and humorous now (and has been for years), but I think a bit of the old Bobby slipped out here. (-;

"If only I could be anywhere but here.  Like in my backyard barbecuing."

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