Wednesday, March 23, 2016

For the Love of Chocolate

I recently had a birthday, and I celebrated not with cake, but with the finest of chocolates!  My two favorite chocolatiers, Vosges Chocolates out of Chicago and a box of heaven from La Maison Du Chocolat.  I've gotten the latter delicacy several times over the years, and they never fail to amaze. If I can't visit Paris, at least I can pretend at home, n'est pas?  The confections are so intensely flavored and they dissolve like liquid silk down your throat.  Just incredible!  The "Salvador" is one of my favorites--"dark chocolate ganache with raspberry pulp from France."  You just can't imagine how intense that raspberry is!  Here's a few more to give you an idea of the lusciousness inside this brown box:

The "Jolika" with almond paste and pistachios,
the "Bacchus" - dark chocolate ganache with raisins flambèed in rum; 
the "Maracuja - dark chocolate ganache with fresh passion fruit juice and pulp; 
the "Cristal" with almond and hazelnut praline with crushed hazelnuts and grains of Maldon Sea Salt (OH MY!)
Well, you get the picture.  They're all incredible!

The Vosges box is also a dream and you can order from their website here:  Sign up for their mailing list and some coupon codes with come your way to help make these a little more affordable for you.  I was able to get 15% off of my box of milk chocolate truffles.  It made them all the more delightful!

Anyway, hope you celebrate your birthday exactly the way you want to as well!

La Maison Du Chocolate


Some shots from a visit to one of my favorite stores:  

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