Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My Little Free Library

Well, I had a super busy day yesterday!  My Little Free Library, which I painted for a nearby town last November, had it's official unveiling with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.  Three other local artists had similar ceremonies throughout the day.

If you're interested in doing one to help the readers of the world (you take a book, you leave a book--it's all free), go to

Here are pictures of it in it's new home as well as a picture of it in my living room from last fall (I posted this before).  You'll see my blue-haired Seattle friend, Cassie, in there who just happened to be in town.

I used metallic paint on the front and inside of this door/window which I don't think shows up too well in these pictures.  I had to do a million coats of it for it to show up in the depth I was aiming for.  Had to reapply that white paint over and over again as well--it was solid white, although it doesn't look that way here.

My friend, Cassie.

Here it was in my living room last November.  I had to hoist it up on plastic ramps and shine a spotlight on it to paint it.  My beagle ended up with bright orange-yellow paint on the tip of his tail which he carried around with him for quite some time!