Friday, September 9, 2016

Hallway Dancer

Here's a little fantastical something I drew on an old Anthropologie receipt envelope.  I thought she had a Chagall-like charm.  As soon as I posted her on Facebook, someone de-friended me.

Remember dear ones, It's always good to separate yourself from conformists. (-;

By the way, I was listening to a very old Robert Plant song, (post-Led Zepplin) called "Big Log."  Click here for that atmospheric gem.


  1. What?!? Why would someone defriend you?

    1. Aw, Sheri! You're a true friend. (-: It's o.k. A lot of my stuff freak people out, and as the lyric goes, "haters gonna hate." ha! Their vacancy just makes it roomier for the lovers. (-;