Saturday, April 1, 2017

Happy April!

I have been on hiatus from my blog for quite a long time.  I've been overhauling my art studio and investigating different passions of mine.  I haven't quit making art, I just haven't been posting as much on my blog.  You can find most of my output over on Instagram at @jujulabean.

There's a weird thing that has to happen every so often in your life.  I read recently that you cannot always have expansion.  That thought resonated with me, because it was exactly the way I was feeling.  I'm still doing the work--making art--but I had to think in which way I wanted to head.  It takes time to back the truck up, spin it around in repeated reverse/forward, reverse/forward lurches, and drive into a different direction.

I'm still mapping my way, but with the start of spring, and especially with the beginning of a new month, I feel ready to begin putting my fingers to the keyboard again.

I'm going to go a little freestyle in subject matter from here on out.  For over 4 years I posted painting after drawing, drawing after painting.  And although art is and always will be a huge part of my life, I also love fashion, cooking, chocolate, MUSIC, and things of beauty--including beauty products!

I've got an itch this year to complete a chocolatier program, to cook a new soup every day, and to continue illustrating every episode of HBO's Girls which is ending its series after 6 seasons.  Look, some people only have one path.  I feel like there is so much to see and do in this world before I croak that I want to skip down as many paths as I possibly can!

So I'm going to let my current stream of thought be my freewheelin' jazz approach to this blog until it goes through it's next metamorphosis. 

Let's begin with the following.  One of my favorite chocolatiers is Vosges Haut Chocolates based out of Chicago.  You can find their website here, and specifically, their Easter offerings, here.   Vosges is not, shall we say, inexpensive, but it is soooooooo delicious.  Made with the finest ingredients, I respect the cost.  Does that sound strange?  To my way of thinking, just like calories, the cost doesn't matter as much when you're getting something for it...or as my great grandma used to say, cheap is expensive.

Watch for specials in shipping and percentages off which Vosges offers frequently.  Finally, indulge and ENJOY!

From far left, Blueberry Lavendar Petunia Rabbit, Strawberry Lemon Max Rabbit, Crunchy Piemonte Hazelnut Emma Rabbit and Sicilian Pistachio Luella Rabbit Look at those sweet boxes, too! I'm a sucker for fine chocolates AND beautiful packaging! 


  1. Those do look divine! Best wishes. Soups... yum...

    1. Thank you, Sheila! Happy spring to you, too! (-: