Monday, July 28, 2014

You Make Me Giggle

I've been working on this little fellow for awhile.  I usually do have a little piece sitting on the side that I add and add to while working on other things, while listening to music, while daydreaming, or in my case I should say, nightdreaming before sleeping.

What is it saying?  "You make me giggle,"  "Don't make me laugh,"  "Mum's the word," "I was just thinking of you," "Oops, I just let a fluffy?"  I left a glimpse of a little Anthropologie bowl on top of its head--thought it looked like a cute little hat. (-:


in this case, I finished this fellow after re-listening to this fantastic podcast that my friend, Tanja, clued me into: Marc Maron interviewing Roseanne Cash.  Start listening at about 13 minutes in order to bypass commercials/and intro.

I was listening to it driving home from Chicago last Saturday, but I couldn't always concentrate on it, seeing as how I was avoiding potential collisions on the highway.  Around about 40 minutes, they start talking about the blues, and Marc says this:  "The power of the blues to ease your heart is so fucking phenomenal." My sentiments exactly, baby.  They go on to talk about being an artist, and an artist's life, saying how it's impossible to quit being an artist...well, man, listen for yourself.

At one point, Marc mentions the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame and the Stones' "Love in Vain" playing.  And, since the Rolling Stones are one of the biggest lovers and promoters of the original blues singers (and Mick Jagger is one of the producers for the James Brown biopic, "Get on Up") let's have you listen to it below, o.k.?  O.K.  Maybe you can let your mind wander, and you can draw your own little creature.

"Love in Vain"  Rolling Stones

THE CLASSIC:  Robert Johnson, "Love in Vain"

Eh, this sucks.  I wrote this blog, and probably anyone who checked it already won't be checkin' in on this post again, but here's one more thing I wished I had added before:  Keith Richards talking about the Blues in Britain.  Geez, Louise!  How did this feathery fellow become my dissertation on the blues?  Sorry, folks, but you know, I always like a good mind meandering!

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