Sunday, July 20, 2014

I Will Call Myself Madonna

I had this old drawing I had done about 6 years ago and thought I would give him a makeover. However, he somehow morphed into a young Madonna.  I said to the picture, what happened here?  What is the story behind this metamorphosis?  Cue music:  "...and here's what she said to me..."  No, not "que, sera, sera," but "Get into the groove..."  and then she reminisced about a life-altering event in the local discount store in Michigan long ago:

Fifteen-year-old Madonna Louise Ciccone stared at the blue wigs in her local Woolworth's store.  She was supposed to be there to get her new school supplies for her sophomore year, but she had other thoughts in her mind such as, what was she to wear for her upcoming school yearbook pictures?  Should she dare don that bright yellow tube top staring at her from the clothing section?  It most definitely accented her newly-developed curves so it was definitely a contender.  That idea, however, was thrown out the proverbial window when she donned one of those blue wigs.  She looked at herself in the small, circular metal mirror on the shelf and was entranced--why, even Narcissus would have been jealous!  A feeling of what she should do in her future washed over her:  I will become famous world-wide, a controversial superstar, provocatively sexual, and unerringly magnetic.  And then, the bubbling fervor of self-knowledge flew forth aloud from her lips, right there in the cluttered five-and-dime store aisle she said for all to hear: 
"I will call myself...Madonna." 

The original from years ago:

"Get into the Groove"

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