Sunday, April 12, 2015

David Lindley

Last night Kman and I saw multi-instrumentalist (at least 16) David Lindley play.  My hub said, "You know, you think you see someone play the guitar really well, and then you see someone like this guy who blows them out of the water."  He was right.

One of the highlights was Lindley playing an ancient instrument westernized--an electric "oud" handmade by a Middle-Eastern friend. It had such a beautiful sound, and  he played it beautifully, at times playing an Irish-tinged tune on it.  Take about fusion-flavored, world music!

I sketched him quickly while he played.  He started the song out slowly and then ended up in a lively frenzy with his left leg swinging around in a a 3-part movement.

Here's the other thing.  He's 71 years old, and someone like that has a lot of stories.  Playing bluegrass in front of Walt Disney and his wife; stories about Ry Cooder and Dolly Parton; eating Helen Reddy's apricot-suited husband's entire box of jelly doughnuts and getting kicked out of the session for an irreverent comment to said square spouse; running away from skinheads in London in 1969 with a friend from Belfast; referencing the Japanese warrior term "throwing away the scabbard"; regaling and winning over a tough NYC music critic and crowd with his x-rated, but funny, imitation of Jimmy Stewart (with which he also blessed our crowd).  Hilarious!

I said to Kman, what a life of experiences from all over the world.  That's one autobiography I'd love to read.

Finally, he talked about the illogic that speaks to all artists/people not going in the expected direction of life.  He said he was supposed to be an architect (landscape architect), but the banjo called his name.  Another calling from the Muse, and the world is blessed that he listened.

From YouTube, Lindley beautifully playing the electric Oud in Copenhagen:

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