Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mimi Liked to Match Her Accessories

A friend of mine, who frequently changes her glasses, recently acquired a funky red pair.  I thought I'd pay tribute to them in this piece of art.

Mimi was in love with her new red and white eyeglasses.  She thought they added just the right amount of pizzazz to her face.  Yet...something was amiss.  She liked to match her accessories, and nothing in her jewelry box went with her new specs.  In fact, no bangle or bauble could she find to make her visage sublime.  That was until, she found a pair of springtime white gloves in a bottom drawer.  Why, these will do the trick!  And indeed, once those soft, snug mitts of refinement were on, she pulled her entire look together and was a vision of springtime loveliness!

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