Sunday, May 31, 2015

Behind the Flower Vase

I couldn't decide what to call this painting.  I thought about, "Beauty in Light and Dark."  I suppose it's a little creepy, but I wasn't intending anything scary.  I just brought forth the face I saw lurking behind the foreground   I could have stopped at the flowers, but it just seemed so boring...pretty, but boring. Besides, there's usually something lying behind pretty, no?  (Hmm.  I think I suddenly understand Miley Cyrus better.)  It's that murkiness that I find worth diving into. Anyway, don't be afraid, sweet ones.  I worked with water-mixable oil and oil pastel and scraped away layers then added more.  Took quite some time...

P.S. (June 2nd)  A friend of mine thought this looked scary and that she didn't understand art.  

Here were my thoughts back to her, which I suppose is how I look at art, in general:  "No worries. Either a piece speaks to you or it doesn't. (-:  With art, you may think, does it intrigue me?  Does it make you think of a possible story behind it?  It could be a young girl flirting with her boyfriend behind those flowers--see the little red lips?  In a way they look like they could be coyly smiling.  Maybe SHE is the one who is scared.  Or, maybe it could be a reminder that in all things, there is a light and a dark side (hmmm, sounds like Star Wars), life and death.  The juxtapostion sharpening the sweetness of those things that are good.  On the other hand, it could just be scary to you, in which case, you might like the next thing.  


  1. Creepy is your middle name isn't it? Kidding. I see lips to. and what could be two eyeballs in the bottom buds looking up at her.... now that would be creepy. flower buds with eyeballs. hahaha Love it Jill :)