Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Handsome in a Hoodie

Handsome in a Hoodie

(2nd of 3 pieces of art which a virus is preventing me from posting the way I want.)

I drew this fellow late one night.  I don't think the photo is reflecting all the shadows as well as it should...still, I was quite happy with this chap.

Hmm.  Why am I speaking as if I'm from London?  Maybe it's because I recently ran across this 2013 film called, "After Time" about the male members of a British family who could travel back in time, but only within events of their own lives.  Domhnall Gleeson carries the show, and Rachel McAdams is most charming.  Please see it!  It is a great example of the wonderful cleverness of British humor; scenes of London; and some of the most touching scenes of delicate emotion.  And if you think you're just not feeling it, then at the very least, I'll leave you with a gem of a quote from it.

I try to live everyday as if it were the final day of my extraordinary, ordinary life.

After Time Trailer

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