Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Greeter (and Another Computer Snafu)

Well peeps, I have a computer malfunction going on that's preventing my PC from recognizing my camera.  Plus, my phone is not sending pics to my computer.  I haven't stopped making art, I'm just in a voodoo hex!

I had to get this painting--and the next 2 pieces--onto my blog in a super roundabout way.  Hoping to get this fixed in the next week or so.  Soooo frustrating.  BUT, this lady is not.  She's a happy little greeter--even though she looks a little blurry here.  I'll post a better pic when I get this all worked out.

4" x 4" 


  1. Hope your problems are resolved soon. Such a drag when machines stop doing their thing. This happy lady is terrific, she reminds me of my aunt...and her crazy jokes.

    1. Hi Sheila--Thank you so much for your well-wishes. I need to take it in next week. It's so aggravating--I can't crop to make things more presentable. I'm so glad you like it and that it reminds you of your aunt. (-: Her neck and arm continue onto the bottom edge of the canvas. She is also atop metallic/enamel paint, although that doesn't show at all. $25 plus shipping if you are interested, baby. Otherwise, no problema. (-;