Sunday, November 1, 2015

John Kettman and His Trumpkin

As I mentioned in my bite out of the big apple post a few days ago, my friend, John Kettman, has had a brush with fame this past October.  He painted the face of Donald Trump, The Trumpkin, on a pumpkin and added a wig.  Then he proceeded to create a couple more presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.  He had thousands of hits on Google and ended up being broadcast on NBC affiliates and on ABC's Good Morning America when they solicited him to create pumpkins of all the show's hosts.  He was on The Chew, too!  You can find him on Facebook here for more of his works on coffee beans, rice grains, Ritz crackers, other pumpkins (Jimmy Fallon and Ellen DeGeneres, to name a few), and some amazing life-size works of the Beatles in full Sgt. Pepper regalia and Abbey Road strut.

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