Monday, November 16, 2015

She Could Go Anywhere - Little Free Libraries

Here's one angle of my "Little Free Library" that I'm painting for a local library.  (I had to submit a proposal of what I wanted to paint, and I based it on a painting I did back in 2013, "She Could Go Anywhere.")  I'm one of four artists who was chosen to do so, so it's quite an honor.  People can put books into the front of the box, and others can take them out to read, return, and/or keep.  It's a beautiful gesture of communal sharing in the joy of reading.

I was a literature major myself and was always reading throughout my childhood.  I feel great happiness in hopefully passing that  love to others, enticing them to explore the literary magic within this box.

I'll post a few more pictures in the coming days.


  1. So cool! I love the thought of sharing books, and passing that love on to others! Your work is perfect, to awaken the imagination! Awesome, congrats!