Monday, November 14, 2016

Dead Flowers

Thinking about the Rolling Stones' song, "Dead Flowers."

I mean, I drew this, and about 7/8's of the way through, as I added the sparse flowers, I thought, "Dead Flowers."

This is one of those times that the drawing came first and at the last moment merged with an idea.  I started this out last night by smearing coffee all over the page.  I don't know what anyone thinks about it, but it's one of my very favorites.  I like the sparseness of line drawings.

Is the woman old?  Is she young, but her facade is breaking?  Is she dying?  Is she a heroine addict?  Maybe she's on the flip side--breaking though her shell and coming through.  There's some sort of breakage going on--I feel that.

oil, charcoal, conté, coffee, paper

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