Saturday, November 19, 2016

Sharon Jones RIP

I just read the sad news that Sharon Jones has died.  She had an incredibly powerful voice reminiscent of the great 1960's soul singers.  In fact, she was known as the female James Brown.  Her 2007 CD, "100 Days, 100 Nights" and the song of the same name had me in awe.  It completely pierces through your entire body as it blasts--and blasts is the only thing it could do even if your volume was turned down to 1--from the radio.  Yeah, you can listen to it on itunes, etc., but her music was meant to be playin' hard on your car radio with the windows down and your hair flying.  Her band, the Dap-Kings, lent their old-style grooves to Amy Winehouse, as they backed her at times as well.

I knew Sharon had pancreatic cancer, but she fought with such a force, you felt like she might be one to crack it.  If you haven't seen Barbara Kopple's documentary on her, "Miss Sharon Jones" which just came out this year, you need to.  Filled with the incredible talent and fighter that she was, her story of perseverance and song will leave you mourning her all the more.  Honor her by watching and listening.

Click here for The New York Times' article on Sharon's passing.

Click here for NYT's article from this past July when Sharon was still touring.

100 Days, 100 Nights

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