Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 102. Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Thursday evening at "Art-Is-You" in Nashville this week, Sue Pelletier led a "Warrior Painting" workshop.  Because it was a very large room filled with women and Sue stood at the front of it, I did not get a chance to speak with her at any length as I did with Sunny Carvalho (see Day 101) in the afternoon workshop.

The "Warrior Painting" class included lots of Stevie Ray Vaughan and other great music while we starting painting an American flag.  I followed Sue's lead with blue up in the corner and red and white stripes.  My corner was scattered with stars--you know, the usual.  However, with the announcement of new paint colors on the supply table, I grabbed some and changed my direction. I swirled my entire blue box of blue background, yellow stars, and glitter into a dirty yellow green with texture.  Now we're talkin'!  I made my stripes more fuschia-like.

I wasn't done by the time the class ended so I'm posting a pic, both of what I came home with and what I added today.  I still might not be done...

P.S., I'm running out of time before midnight.  I have a ton more pictures from Art-Is-You.  I really will post them on Facebook tomorrow.  Estoy cansada, chicas!  (I'm tired!)

Check out Sue's blog at:

Finished close-up:

Finished (maybe) overall:

At workshop:

Here are a few super short clips of craziness!

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