Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 117. Beautiful Baseball, Boston, and a Big Papi

One of my greatest pleasures is Sunday Night baseball.  Well, it was indisputably better before the "powers that be" booted the knowledgeable and humorous announcers, Jon Miller and Joe Morgan, but still, I love it.  There is a beautiful elegance to baseball.  I know.  When I was in 6th grade and went to see the Cubs with my grade school band (I played the oboe, thank you very much), I thought, this is the most boring thing I've ever seen!

It took my husband to explain the intricacies and nuances that were occurring.  I had never realized the signals, the suspense, the strategy, or the stats before that.  Once you realize all the things going on, it's the best chess game on speed that you've ever seen!  The incredible plays, the wind up of the pitch, bases loaded, crowds screaming.  Wonderful!  Football held the earlier part of my life, but baseball has taken over.

And was any season greater than 2004, when the Boston Red Sox finally won the World Series?  I almost cry just typing those words!  Truly, it was the Red Sox victory over the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS that probably held more excitement than the World Series.  David Ortiz was the MVP of that Boston-Yankee game.  I remember an announcer recounting an interview he had had with the player, where Ortiz was walking around the city and saw the sadness of the Boston fans after they had lost game 3 of the series.  Boston was going to blow it again.  And Ortiz said, "We've got to turn those frowns upside down."  And he did! They did.  It was beyond magical, finally winning over the big bad Yankees.

David is a big hitter.  Sometimes he hits with his bat, and sometimes he hits with his words.  I don't think anyone can fault him for dropping the F-bomb yesterday (Sat., 4/20/13), when he said, "This is our f*&(ing city!" Big Papi, your fierce love for Boston is heartfelt!

The FCC forgave him, because they know he said what we all felt:

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