Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 118. Oh, the Sights and Sounds of Spring!

Oh, the sights and sounds of spring!  Warm breezes blowing, random daffodils and tulips bursting, birds chirping and sh.....!  Wait!  Did I actually just see and hear what I think I did?

E-bow and I were walking along, enjoying the early evening, still warm at 65 degrees.  I'm looking at the sky, looking at the bird high up in the tree, hoping my pup doesn't see him and go beagle barking crazy.  Suddenly, I hear a squirt, squirt, and I find myself dodging the fastest rear release ever!

Um, there are no gastrointestinal problems there, peeps!  So forget prunes; worms, insects, and --what's out now? can't be berries--seem to be the way to go!  No pun intended. (-;


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