Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Praying for a Colorful Life

Carol was praying for a colorful life.  She yearned to be set free from her monochromatic world. Her sheets were white, her walls were white, the bars on her windows were white...and black--and she wasn't even in prison.  Well, perhaps the prison within her own mind.  Even her chin seemed to reach around the corner, jutting its way into some room speckled with chartreuse and aquamarine.  Sadly, she had only one glimpse of color in her universe and it was when she went to bed at night, for her dreams swirled in magenta orange. Inks dripping, spinning, dotting every movement--a tango of exotic brightness.

But each morning she awoke and stared at black and white, black and white (alright, it was a dichromatic world).  Sigh.  Her shoulders hunched, her hands dragging on the floor, she was shocked from her doldrums by a splinter, lodging its way into her fleshy fingertip.  With an "Ow!" and a jolt to her system, she blinked hard at the intruder in her body.  And as she blinked, a piece of the rainbow washed into her world.  She blinked again and another color joined her surroundings.  And so it happened, with more blinks more splatterings of jeweled pigments tinted her life.  The prick of splinter activated a synesthesia within her, one sensation triggering another, until she rocketed out, through, upwards into this poetic place she had yearned for.

She was now Carlotta, vivaciously vibrant in both dreams and life.  Prayers are answered!

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