Monday, February 3, 2014

RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman SOLD

I was watching some preliminary Super Bowl shows and was getting a little bored by some chic singing in leather so I did a little channel surfing and ended up on the E Channel which was doing a "Sex in the City" marathon.  My excitement fell off immediately as I saw a banner running at the bottom of the screen.  "...found dead in his NYC apartment."  And I didn't know who it was.  I kept reading, but there was no name yet, and eventually the message ran in a loop, and I saw it..."Philip Seymour Hoffman."  I couldn't believe it...and then I felt immediate devastation.  He was one of my very favorite, favorite actors.  I remember seeing him in "Scent of A Woman" and being impressed.  However, I think the movie where I became thunderstruck by his talent was, "The Talented Mr. Ripley." I thought, wow, this guy is incredible.  Nuanced beyond belief.  And that did it.  I followed him from that moment on, and he never disappointed.  He became my modern day, Al Pacino.  Not in looks, of course, but in his ability to swing from any movie role and off onto a Broadway stage as well, just as Al does.  He could sink deeply into a sinister role, but just as brilliantly be funny, arrogant, and tender in something like, "Along Came Polly."

I said to my husband, I just can't believe it!  This guy was so phenomenal...he had the admiration of his peers, an academy award, so many nominations.  But I know that means nothing if you are haunted by inner demons.  And he was so good that one has to think that there had to be so much pressure on him to be continually phenomenal with every role.  That expectation had to take a toll.

I remember last year when there were news reports that he had went into rehab...that he had snorted heroin 3 or 4 times, and he realized he had better go into rehab before it got worse.  I had been surprised by that news, but was so glad he gotten help.  At that time, I don't remember there having been reports of his former struggle (up until his early 20's) with addiction.

I have been reading articles on him all night, and their reader comments.  Articles quote this one and that one with our modern day form of condolence--the Twitter tweet of sorrow.  No article that I've seen, however, has quoted Jim Carrey's tweet, which I think is probably the most accurate one of them all:

"Dear Philip, a beautiful beautiful soul. 
For the most sensitive among us the noise can be too much. 
Bless your heart."

I'm so sad tonight and still really, in a state of absolute shock.  And I'm so sorry for the loss of you, Philip...unbelievably talented, shooting star of depth and heart-rending emotion.

Article link below from the New York Times:

and another great one from "The New Yorker":

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