Thursday, May 29, 2014

Out of the Blue

I think I've discovered something...the angle that I'm drawing at, or rather the angle my drawings/paintings turn out like (bad sentence structure, I know) is due to the way I'm drawing at my desk.  I have a huge, oversized easel, but instead I'm drawing in a tiny space, lying my canvas or paper over bottles and tubes, a mini-7UP can, mounting tape, splintered popcicle sticks, whatever! 

Actually, maybe this is just an excuse, and I'm just a lopsided creator! ha!  Anyway, I'll just keep sticking to my own style--these portraits feel more alive to me, somehow, in their "skewness."

Spent lots of time on this one--gouache, ink, acrylic, pastel, oil stick--just kept adding to her.

Look how my different camera-angle taking gave this chiquita a completely different look. 

Different angle:
Here's how this picture started.  I accidentally rolled over a pastel stick and crushed it into my wooden floor.  Rather than waste such a precious material, I smeared it on various pieces of paper.  That's how this painting began.


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