Friday, May 9, 2014

A Drama in 12 Words - Brooklyn Art Library

I've been participating in projects with the Brooklyn Art Library since 2010 when I did my first sketchbook for them called, "Coffee and Cigarettes."  I followed up in 2011 with "Sandwich" and 2012 with "The Last Word Spoken."  I've also participated in a canvas painting exchange which I blogged about during my 365 day project (Day 235 Be Proud of What You've Got), and also several other free projects that they've offered. 

They're a great organization trying to foster creativity not just among American artists, but artists worldwide.

Last week they offered a change to write a drama in 12 words, then asked you to tweet it or instagram it.  Ever the romantic, here's mine:

Train jolts, eyes catch.
Lost love, now found?
"Truly me," said she.

Click here for other submissions to this project:  12 word dramas.  Fun, huh?  Now join in these projects yourself and keep your creativity flowing!

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