Saturday, June 21, 2014

Phyllis, A Winter Day, and Her Easy Chair SOLD

Here, finally, is a commissioned piece for my friend Phyllis Natanek.  She belongs to a local art league we are both in, and she is a wonderful artist (as is her husband, Richard.)  She had the idea of what she wanted, and she composed the poem as well.  It was just up to me to figure out the final details, how to incorporate the poem, and inject my style.  She probably thought it was never coming her way.  In truth, I have been working on it on and off for quite awhile.

I had spent a lot of time on a previous version, and even though it wasn't working, I kept at it since I had already invested so much time.  No wonder I could never complete didn't feel "right."  I finally abandoned it, and began this more "wackadoo" version which fits me much better.  I just spent about 1/2 hour going through my computer images, but I guess I never did take a picture of that first, realistic attempt.  Check out my last image her, and you can see where I had drawn over the first picture (I actually painted white all over it in frustration, but you can still see the former outline.)  I'm not sure if you can see it, but I put texture into that blanket to give it some fluffiness.

Okay, Phyllis.  Thanks for hanging on so long! 

My initial attempt, lines faintly visible under a white overcoat, and then the genesis of the final version.

Here is one of Phyllis' most recent paintings:

'Oblivious to Alien Fungi and The Storm, the Dung Beetle Soldiered On'.
Acrylic on Canvas. 18 x 24.

Photo: 'Oblivious to Alien Fungi and The Storm, the Dung Beetle Soldiered On'. Final version. Acrylic on Canvas. 18 x 24.

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