Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bluebird Birdhouse

Here's a commissioned birdhouse for my friend Bonnie.  She told me she liked yellow, red, and her mom loved bluebirds.  I always loved the Paul McCartney and Wings song, "Bluebird," viewing it on Cinemax through an ancient cable box when I was a kid and watching "Rockshow" (from their 1976 concert tour) over and over and over again.

Bonnie loved her mom dearly and the lyrics seemed perfect to use.

The yellow paint has both a sheen and glitter in it, neither of which seem to show up too well in these pictures.

That yellow glitter in the paint is best seen at the top of this picture.

I had a special message for Bonnie and her mom on the bottom of the house, but that's just for her so I won't post it for the world.

Here's Paul McCartney and Wings singing that wonderful song from "Rockshow"


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