Thursday, October 9, 2014

Stop and Smell the Roses

This was a good day because:

I was driving along at lunch, 
windows open,
the sun was shining on a day when you could breathe,
the air crispy cool, looping around the sunny rays, 
a gift from fall.

Then, the familiar plucking and chords begin,
Heart's, "Crazy Over You,"
fingers turning the knob up to SUPER LOUD,
"My love is the evening breeze touching your skin
The gentle sweet singing of leaves in the wind...,"

I had an ensalada with 
lime vinaigrette,
extra hot red chili sauce, 
and corn salsa 

As I strolled out of work talking with friends,
I found,
the air still gentle and filled with yellow.

Later I walked my dog slowly in
bright, green grass 
next to freshly harvested earth, 
and then around woods,
remembering skipping along railroad tracks when I was girl.

the water tower loomed above my head,
cirrus clouds, like a shredded cloth, moving slowly, slowly, slowly
across the periwinkle skies,
and me singing "Blackbird" loudly
no one hearing my crackly voice
in the cricket silence,
or me laughing at myself.

So happy. (-:

"Stop And Smell The Roses"

Heart:  "Crazy Over You"

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