Sunday, October 12, 2014

David Bowie Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

It was tenuous.  I wasn't feeling well Friday and Saturday, but I had gotten tickets to see David Bowie last month as soon as they had went on sale.  Entry was via 1/2 hr. time slots, so if you didn't get there in your allotted time, you didn't get it.  Well, lots of sleep and vitamin C got me to it, and I'm so glad it did.  What an excellent exhibition!  Filled with handwritten song lyrics, videos, clippings, memorabilia, TONS of clothing throughout his career, little black stuffed puppets with Bowie's superimposed upon them, German expressionist paintings, Hollywood references, earphones with David Bowie speaking through them as well as music synced to each room of the exhibit...I mean, amazing!  At the very end was a huge room filled with screens of David Bowie in concert at about 8 different was surround sound and sight David Bowie.  I truly felt like I was seeing him in person in the early '70's!  You couldn't take pictures inside, so I'll let these outside shots and a few pics of the streets of Chicago suffice.  The Chicago Marathon was also that day so the streets were overflowing with people wrapped in "foil" C.M. capes.  Quite a memorable day!

Huge Bowie image at parking garage to begin.

Navy Pier

 Inspiring art quotes in the parking garage. (-:

Outside of Museum of Contemporary Art

Don't let the empty lines fool you...the prior time slot had just went in and the next 1/2 hr. set couldn't enter yet...

It's over...returning the headphones...

A few gift shop shots.

Next line starting to fill up.

Look at that girl's super cute shoes to the far right.

 Trump Towers.

See that foil-blanket wrapped guy toward the far right.  Yep, one of the marathoners roaming the streets post race.

Hmm.  I should have cropped this more.  That doorway was so cool.  But then again so was that chiquita strutting her stuff.  Those fellows liked her.

One of my favorite places on earth.  The Art Institute.  Magritte is still showing, but I think it ends tomorrow, the 13th.  I didn't write about that exhibition.  Something for another blog post.

My uncle had given me about 7 David Bowie albums from the early '70's onward before he had moved out to San Francisco in the early '80's.  They were all damaged in a flood.  Sob.  Anyway, my very favorite was "Young Americans," and "Diamond Dogs," and...oh forget it.  I loved them all!  I posted this another time in my blog here (Day 92. The Beauty of the Black Female Voice.)

Young Americans - Complete Album

David's most recent film appearance (lyric-wise) with Kristen Wiig in "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty."  I can't find a clip when Kristen sings an acoustic version of "Major Tom" in Greenland to Walter...SO inspiring.  See the movie, peeps.


  1. You captured a beautiful part of the city. I love the art quotes!

    1. Thank you, Keep Calm! Chicago can be so beautiful and inspiring! (-: Wish I could have taken pics of all those parking garage quotes...what a great idea! Thank you for stopping by. (-: