Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Don't Forget to Flick Your BIC® This Winter

Yesterday's freezing rain did a number on my poor little car door.  It was one frozen mamba jamba--I could not open my driver's door no matter how many times I did the following:

Insert key, and turn.
Take key out with sinking feeling and stare at it.
Insert key again, and turn.
Repeat 10 times.
Stare at locked door in disbelief.

Yes, this was me in the parking lot at work.  I must also add, I had the cutest little pair of boots on with slippery soles.  That was good.  I was parked further out in the parking lot than ever with a sheet of ice beneath me.  Super fine.  I had never replaced the battery in my key for automatic opening, because it cost $150 and I don't have that extra kind of cash; therefore opening a trunk wouldn't work either.  The passenger door won't unlock with the driver door being unlocked first.

You see how I had the perfect frozen storm?

Thank you to Crystal who gave me my first ride, to the security crew who tried but couldn't help me, and to Patty who gave me my second ride.  And finally to my man who several hours later after getting off work got a BIC® lighter; heated up the key, once, and then again; and finally got the lock to thaw and release!

I'm not the most practical gal, as most anyone will tell you, so for all you chiquitas, and maybe chicos, too, carry a lighter in these frigid, frozen months.  Eight years I've had my car and I've gotten along fine.  But there may come a night when a little butane is a mighty savior!

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