Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Gallery Shows

My poor blog.  I have been quite busy this last month, and I haven't been posting much. Well, here's a super long one, but just with pictures...no heavy reading here. I'll try to play catch-up in a backwards way.  First up, I had a gallery opening on Friday, 11/7 and here are the pics to it.  I'm posting everything in itty, bitty pictures, but if you click on them, they'll be nice and big. (-;  I also conducted a little art project that night, forcing everyone to fill out a "shoe form" and taking snaps of their shoes instead of their faces.  Well...I didn't force them;  I mean it wasn't like I held a shoehorn to their head or anything...in fact I was more like this helpful lass on the lower-right hand side of my painting, "Trying to Get the Other Boot On" shown below:  Just a gentle "offer" of a shoe horn. What the heckle and jekyll am I talking about? Anyway, I'm going to go create a little something from all my shoes attendants at a later time. (-;

Here's a good shoe from one of my attendees (Connie)!

See that cute little shoe horn lady?  Only trying to help... (-;

I have always loved shoes--here's a painting from several years back.

Here was my sample form.  

Initially I had "Fred F." written down. Kman didn't know who I was talking about.  I said what!?  How can you not know?  "Fruity Pebbles," the favorite food, "Rockin' Robin"/the Rolling "Stones" favorite music?!  Someone else read it and didn't get it either, so I had to go back through all my forms and add "Flintstone" so there was no question about it.  I had thought it was a little clever. (-;



Highest stiletto ever!

Here's me!

Here's some pics of the show (and actual faces!)


  1. There was great energy the minute I walked into your show. I wish I didn't have to leave so soon, but thanks to your pictures above I feel like I was there.

    1. Aw, thanks Keep Calm! I'm just glad you were able to be there! It was a super fun and memorable night, that's for sure! Thank you so much for adding to it. (-: