Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Doodling Maryann - Not Available

My co-worker was talking to me the other day, and I decided to draw her eye.  I can't stop myself from drawing when the moment hits, so I just go with it.  Anyway, we were discussing something rather involved, so I just kept drawing--taking advantage of a moment when she was on the phone--to continue doodling.  I did have some struggle, as she was constantly shape-shifting--turning her head, looking up, looking down at the computer and keyboard.  I did my best to be a ninja doodler--stealthily trying to hide my lines from her.  Here she is with my rudimentary tools- a pen and a few mini-colored pencils I had in my desk drawer.

Oh, yeah, there's also a little birthday cake drawing for me, too. (-:

By the way, Maryann is such a good sport.  I am continually humming and singing,

"All day and all night, Maryann, 
down by the seashore sifting sand"

These are the only verses I know, and yet she STILL has not screamed, "stop singing that!"  Only time will tell if she can continue tolerating my mindless serenade. (-;


  1. Funny story! She looks good. Were you able to capture the essence of Maryann?

    1. Thanks, Teresa. Well, I think I did. Everyone seemed to recognize her right away, so I'd say that was a good sign. (-;