Sunday, March 29, 2015

Flowery Language

I'm finding myself involved in too many things.  This situation happens to me frequently.  I'm interested in this, I'm interested in that, and pretty soon I am running out of time no matter how much I chase it.  I've overextended myself yet again--will I never learn this lesson?!  I find myself in a tizzy as project deadlines scamper on down the road, and well, you know the score, I'm sure.

And even though I'm in this state, I still feel a pull, a tugging at my sleeve--or rather fingertips--that I MUST make something.  Draw something, paint something, before I forget how.  Well, I don't think I'll forget, but let me just say, I know exactly how Alan Bates' character (the painter Saul) in the film "An Unmarried Woman" felt when he said, if he stopped painting for one day, he may never paint again.

Anyway, here's the fellow that came out of me today--a tortured Mr. Reginald.

Nearly driven insane by unrequited love, 
Reginald STILL spoke in flowery language.

(acrylic, India ink, gouache, pastel)

I really liked the look of this stripped-down version below.  
I thought it had a "letterpress-feel" which I loved.  
Alas, I couldn't stop myself from bringing forth those flowers.

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