Monday, October 21, 2013

Brooklyn Art Library- The Pen Pal Painting Exchange

Hello peeps.  Do you remember my painting from Day 235, "Be Proud of What You've Got"?  (Here's the link to the story:  It's about our heroine not having the prettiest face, but she has lots of attitude when it came to posing nude as an artist's model.

Here is the painting:

I did that painting for an exhibition at the Brooklyn Art Library.  It was a Pen Pal Painting Exchange.  After the exhibit in Brooklyn, which you can see here at the Flickr link:, we received our painting pal's canvas in the mail.  Here is mine, which I received today, by Hannah Cook from New York.  You can find her other artwork on tumblr@hannahdoesart and instagram@hccook92.  It's called, "When Did You Decide to Be Straight?"

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