Monday, August 25, 2014

Patty, Marie, and Family Past and Present (SOLD)

No one has waited for a commissioned piece from me longer than Patty and Marie.  They asked me to paint themselves along with 2 pets from their past and four current furry children.    I had to think about how I wanted to do it and then I needed a chunk of time to do it!  It was a big one - 48" x 60" I completed it in bits and pieces and stalled at about 60% there.  And then I went full-speed ahead and had 98% of it done, but then spent another 16 hours on it.  And so it went.  In the end, I am SO proud of and happy with it.  Thank you, Patty and Marie, co-workers and friends, for being so patient!!  Forgive me for the abundance of photos.  It's just that it took so much work, and I'm very happy with it.

I based Patty's and Marie's image on a photo they shared with me from 22 years ago when they first met.

The cast of characters:


The dogs:
Buster--Leading trait--Fairness

 Marie's "Hunky Boy" a.k.a. GRRR dog.  He was blind in the end and only had eyes for Marie.

Lola - Queen of the House and Royal sophisticate

Crazy, young daisy.  Flies through the house destroying all her stuffed animals and depleting them of their stuffing!

 The Cats

Gracie a.k.a. "B*(#h Kitty"

Patty's beloved girl, who always used to wrap herself around her owner.

More details:

 Marie is always glad in jewelry and loves to read--especially "Sense and Sensibility" by Jane Austen.

 Scales of fairness:

 I sparkled Patty up a bit with ring and earring.

 The stuffing coming out of a play toy.

Molding paste, metal, wire, glitter and seed beads-details of crazy Daisy.


  1. Very Kewl! I didn't know they have known each other that long! We love our furry babies, and this is so very awesome!

    1. Thank you, Sheri. I worked hard on it to get everyone's personalities in there! (-: