Sunday, August 24, 2014

Blue Diamond Eyes (SOLD)

Here's a commissioned piece I did for my cool friend, Brandi (for her daughter), called "Blue Diamond Eyes."  It's based on a lyric from the Brett Eldredge song, "Beat of the Music" in which he sings: "I got hooked on a girl with blue diamond eyes down in Mexico." I don't listen to country music much, but I listened to this one over and over to get the feel. Hope you like it, too.

He's sending her hearts and she's sending him blue diamonds (eyes, not almonds).  Ah, ha, ha, ha! (-;
Is that quip falling flat?  Are you familiar with the brand "Blue Diamond Almonds?"  Eh, forget it. (-:

Blue-Diamond Eyes

Brett Eldredge, "Beat of the Music"

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