Thursday, December 4, 2014

Riverside Art Center Gallery Show

Hello lovely people. (-:

I will be showing in Riverside, IL beginning this Friday, December 5th (through March) opening just in time for their "Holiday Stroll" from 6-9 p.m. held in their Business District.  Here's a pic of some of my paintings (not all are visible in this shot).  I will be located in their town hall.

Thanks to Karen, the Director at Riverside Art Center, for putting it together.  Karen, herself, is an incredibly talented artist who studied both at RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) and SAIC (School of the Art Institute).  You can view her amazing paintings at this link:

Back to me (ha!) - see below.

Here's one of my quirkier paintings that will be on display.  You can read the story behind it here:

Here's a part of their current exhibition called "Surface Tension."  Unfortunately, I only have this one shot, but it really is an incredible display.  The artist in the picture below is Lindsey Hook, who is an SAIC graduate.  Altoon Sultan is also showing.  Karen told me that she believes some of her work has been featured at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Click the following link for more information on this exhibit: Surface Tension.

Isn't this super coolio?  It's a foam sculpture located in the backyard area of the exhibit.  I think it looks like multi-colored churros.  I love it!

Here's some pics of the town square of Riverside, IL (located just outside of Chicago.)  It was early morning this past Sunday, Nov. 30th, so there weren't a lot of people out and about.  Karen also said that Frederick Law Olmsted, an American landscape architect who co-designed Central Park, the Biltmore Estate, parks in Chicago, etc., also designed Riverside's town square, which has many fabulous, twirling streets.  Hmm.  I just find this fascinating.  I WIKIed him just for you:  Frederick Law Olmsted.

Kman and I were tired and needed some coffee.  Look at this great bakery we found.

Great light!

Loved these old photographs hung over the coffee prep area.

I'm a sucker for chalkboard art. (-:


  1. Looks great! I live south of Riverside California... wish it was your Riverside so I could check out the show ;) Hmmm.... lemon churros??? making me hungry. hahaha

  2. Thanks, Sheila! I wish it was my Riverside, too, so I could meet you in person! I think we'd have a grand time. (-: I love churros and I love lemon...sounds like a great combination to me!