Monday, December 1, 2014

She Had So Many Ideas Her Face Exploded SOLD

She Had So Many Ideas Her Face Exploded

Watercolor, acrylic, wire, beads, glitter, string, ink, vine charcoal, lots of time
11" x 14"

This chiquita has been hanging around for months, and I mean about 7.  I liked her...she was pretty, her eyes turned out well I thought.  But...I was just bored with her.  I would pick up the portrait, stare at it and think, what else can I do?  

Finally after about a month, I tore her apart.  My original thought was how cheeks break open from holding in so many ideas.  What could I do with that?  My husband asked me what had happened.  I said nothing, I tore her apart on purpose.  About 2 months ago I had all the painting done, but I knew I wanting to include some exploding brain matter, too.  Listen, it's the most lovely of brain matter and cosmos-like explosion of ideas, don't you think? ha!   

Blah, blah.  I finally finished her tonight while I watched for the third time the Seattle episode (7) of the "Foo Fighters:  Sonic Highways" on HBO (Each episode premieres on Friday more to go). Is anyone else watching this FANTASTIC rock journey across America?  Please say you are!  Anyway, I found a lot of inspiration in tonight's episode.  To keep going even if there "isn't a scene" where you live.  Make your own scene.  Do it even if you think your stuff sucks.  Actually, I've read that before about late '80's/very early '90's Seattle--in books, in articles, in interview clips.  It's always good to hear it otra vez, though, isn't it?  You have to be reminded of these things again and again and again.  Hear it in a new context. You have to be reminded.  You have to remind yourself.  Keep going.  Let your face explode with ideas, and then believe in them.

Some detail:

Pretty girl broken...she had to be to become more beautiful. (-;

Here's a great article from The New York Times on the "Sonic Highways" series if I haven't enticed you to turn in: .Rock Star on a Quest for Heroes.

Here's also Ben Gibbard from "Death Cab for Cutie" in a Rolling Stone interview talking about his appearance in the Seattle episode:  Ben Gibbard.

Here's a former post of mine about Kurt Cobain and innocence (if you're interested):  Day 58: Violets, Tootsie Pops and Innocence