Friday, December 19, 2014

Santarotica Opening Night

First of all, DON'T look at this post if you're easily offended by a little erotica.  This was a quirky, tongue-in-cheek show I made a painting for, that's all.

O.K., a few days ago, I posted about this show at White Trash Gallery here (Santarotica Holiday Extravaganza).  I put little tidbits of my painting out there.  Here's the entire thing as well as pics from the show.  I put the sanitized version on Facebook, and I don't think I'll share this post...I'll just make it like a hidden song on the tail-end of the the B-side of an album that no one knows is there unless they listen to the whole thing.


Opening night as shown below.

Fabulously coiffed gals and my friends Donna and Abby.

 My friend Cassie was in town from Seattle.  The last time I saw her she had pink hair, so I didn't recognize her at first!  That's why she giving me that weird look in the first pic. below.

Cassie and a potential suitor.

 Cassie flirting.

Carey and her husband, Bob.

 White Trash Peg's nude portrait of Iggy Pop.

 Elvis lives!

White Trash Peg, gallery owner/artist and Cassie.

 Cassie made Jamberry fingernail stickers from my artwork for a Christmas present for me.  So cool!

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