Sunday, October 11, 2015

Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert, and the Most Perfect Weather Ever

Oh, today was one of the most beautiful days on record. It's fall, it's 80 degree, with NO humidity and just gentle breezes.  Oh, my words are so lackluster here.  Please suffice it to say, that I kept thinking all day long and until the sun set, this is one of the most perfect days the Midwest has ever known.  I felt like I floated when I walked, it was so gentle and easy, the warm blowing air cocooning over me. So you can get my drift, here's a little picture of the colors around me--our neighbor's tree across the street.

See what I mean?  Look at those leaves and the color of that sky!  Heaven.

Now here also is heaven.  The book, "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert.  I had it on pre-order from amazon and I received it 2 weeks ago.  I was on vacation that week and read almost all of it, but saved and savored the last bit for today.  Please get it.  It talks of the perseverance in practicing whatever art we want to follow regardless of any outside acclaim.  She talks of having faith in your path and SO MUCH more.  I love you Elizabeth Gilbert!!  I could quote every line in the book.  In fact, I have so many pages dog-eared and underlined and starred it's ridiculous.  Seriously, this tome is one of the best books on creativity I have ever read.

Here's a drawing I did on the inside cover while I was pondering over some of E. G.'s words.


  1. Cool, thanks for sharing... Love your sketch, clearly shows your inspiration!

    1. Thank you, Sheila. It was a gorgeous day that day...meant for staring off into the open skies and twinkling leaves.