Sunday, October 4, 2015

Oh, That's Just My Goiter

"Oh, that's just my goiter.  Pay it no mind."

I was off work for a glorious week, and it was so lovely out.  I had all sorts of cleaning and organizational plans, but the fall weather was so heavenly.  I mainly sat outside reveling in the warm sunshine, rustling trees, chirping birds and squirrels, and pure blue skies.  I read, I thought, and I gazed up into the sky.

At one point, I looked up and saw a face floating by in the clouds above.  I grabbed my journal (always by my side) and did a quick contour drawing.  (Ya' know, when you just look at the object and not at your paper?)  When I looked down, I didn't have quite the image I had seen above, but rather this fellow.  He looked like he had a goiter.  Hilarious!  And that's how this drawing came to be.  The end.

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