Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 162. View of An EKG

I haven't been feeling well the last several days.  I felt the worst Sunday, but I limped along Monday and Tuesday.  However, today I woke up and felt like I couldn't breathe.  I wasn't too concerned; I have asthma, and a couple of puffs on an inhaler usually does the trick.  This time around, though, I didn't have my inhaler in my purse so I had to turn around on my way to work, and head back home to get it.  I repeated this attempt to get to work 3 times, but I kept feeling unable to catch my breathe and lightheaded.  My doctor is near my house so I zoomed in there.

I needed blood work, and I asked to have it done there...the less time spent in the hospital, the better for this medical freak-out gal.  They agreed to let me carry the 3 vials of blood to the hospital where I had to get chest x-rays.  I felt akin to Angelina Jolie, toting hemoglobin around, except it wasn't around my neck and it wasn't my husband's.  Oh, well, details, details.

I also got an EKG at the doctor's office, and as I was waiting for the machine to boot up correctly, I stared down at my poor little foot, red with a little rash from a recent pair of new shoes, and toes desparately clutching to keep my sweetly colored Pilcro shoes on.  I shouldn't be looking down at my shoe from an examination table, I think to myself.  I should be on a picnic blanket peering downward.  These shoes were too cute for this office.

Anyway, I made it to the hospital, got my robes on, and walked into the waiting room.  Two ladies were in there and I started to sit down underneath the television set.  I changed my mind and moved, saying, "I was going to sit under that t.v., but I didn't want y'all to have to stare at me like I was the star."

They laughed, and one lady with a Southern accent said, "I've been waiting for my daughter for 2 hours, and I can tell you exactly what that weatherman is going to say.  It's all depressing no matter where they're talking about."

I said, "I think we can change it. I think there's a button there. We need to be watching some cartoons."  I stood up and told them, "I'll do it.  I'm always getting into trouble anyway."  (...which is most definitely the truth.)

Anyway, I got it to the Travel Channel before they called my name to get my x-rays.

"There you go!" I say triumphantly.  "No more bad news."

The ladies both said, "Yea!"  And the Southern belle said, "See, you are a star after all."

Aw, so sweet.  Now, even if I'm nearing death, I'll go out with a little sparkle.


  1. And the end results of all the tests are????

  2. I told them I couldn't kick off until I finish this project, and they said, o.k., we'll keep you alive at least until then...
    ha! I'm o.k., Pam, thank you very much for asking...I think I just couldn't get enough oxygen from a bad asthma attack. Thanks, sweet Pam!