Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 166. Wendy Gets Out and About

Walking my dog down an alley, suddenly we see a chunky beagle trotting our way and emerging between some bushes.  Ebert, happy to have someone of his same species and breed to sniff, greets this new girlfriend.  We find out she's a girl, because her owner is calling her.  It seems she'd rather follow us than her master's voice so I try to lead her back to her daddy-o.

He asks if I want another beagle.  I say, no, one is all I can handle.

He asks, "Does Ebert (I've introduced him) like rabbits?"

I say, "Are you kidding me?  I can barely hold on to him around birds or rabbits.  There's been an explosion of them around here the last two years, and he goes nuts."

He tells me he has two rabbits in a cage that he's letting out to roam around, and he leads me around the corner of the alley to check them out.

"They're Dutch," he tells me.

"Wendy" is just sitting on the ground, not moving.  Plump and round, she is, and just hanging out.  I ask if I can pet her, and he says sure.  She's a little nervous, but doesn't make a move!  It's amazing.  She reminds me of my childhood guinea pig, Porky.

He says to me, "I can't let Peter out, though.  The males just want to take off and leave."

"Those darn males," I say, winking.  "They are always wanting to take off."

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