Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 168. Raindrop Right In The Eye - Summer Camp drawings (SOLD)

More events from Summer Camp Music Festival (see my first post on it at Day 153 - This Is One Crazy Party - http://livedrawpaint.blogspot.com/2013/05/day-153-this-is-one-crazy-party.html).
I took a little drawing tablet with me and tried to record some of the images before me...got a raindrop right in the eye when I was looking up, too.

How it started--you can see one of the drawn raindrops smeared by a real raindrop!

Girl with super-short shorts on.  People looked like they were hiking through Mount Kilimanjaro with their rain gear and staffs to get them through the mud.  Someone had what seemed to be a 6 to 8 foot long caterpillar on a stick that they kept stabbing into the air to the beat of the music.


 Someone's face.

It was about 50 degrees, cold and rainy, with lots of bare male chests and lots of people toting hula hoops around.  Little guy exhausted in the corner.

Just some characters.  The most common facial hair at the event, and a corgi-husky mix-breed dog.  Somehow I didn't post the pics of that dog on facebook.  I may draw/paint him anyway, and post the photo later.

All the chiquitas were wearing these diaphanous, multi-colored scarves around their bodies with gold coins hanging off of them.

These dudes moved their tent into the super muddy field.  I guess it was the tent that would later sleep in...bad idea, man.  It ended up being covered in mud and kept almost tipping over.  They had to keep holding it both down and up to prevent it from toppling.  Not a good way to watch a concert.  Twirling umbrellas were everywhere.  Here's also a guy who was wearing one of those old paper Burger King looking crowns.

This girl was directing the crowd:  "Oh yeah, oh yeah," she kept saying, to the beat of the Avett Brothers.

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