Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 173. Congratulations, Rachel and Chase - Wedding Day Part 2 (No Longer Available)

O.K., so on the other side of this gift box (see Day 172 if you don't know what I heck I'm talking about) I have a portrait of Rachel and on a third side, a little happy bearer of congratulatory wedding bliss!  Congratulations on your new journey, lovebirds!

I can tell I put the lid back on the box here--there's a little bit of a shadow at the top. I love the cute little diamond wedding band!

Here's the 3rd side (I actually added a few more crystal accents on this side, but my camera battery is recharging right now so I'll give you the first picture I had taken):

Here it is from 2 angles at I time.

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