Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 232. Invigorated by Her Ingenuity

With a dull spark and a puff of smoke, Midge's toaster bit the dust.  What was she to do?  She was a woman of routine, and she enjoyed her coffee, hard-boiled egg, and 2 pieces of toast each morning for taste and ritual.  If her pattern was altered, her day felt off-kilter.  Her eyes darted frantically around her tiny kitchen.  Could the skillet work?  Why not?  After all, she made "toasted" cheese sandwiches, didn't she?  Wasn't a skillet a flat toaster?

Of course, her hypothesis worked perfectly, as many have toasted bread like this for years.  Midge didn't know about that though.  She felt energized, not only because she had fed her body the breakfast it craved, but also because she was newly invigorated by her ingenuity.

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