Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day 245. Hummingbird Surprise (SOLD)

Sunday I made my husband sit out on our front steps, eat breakfast, and soak up the lazy summer day.  We were talking, and all of a sudden, a moment of magic!  I could barely believe what I was seeing.  Just a few feet from our heads flitted a hummingbird.  And, it just stopped right there in the air, furiously pumping its little wings, but levitating perfectly in place like a toy helicopter.  I could only utter one word, it almost catching in my throat, "Hummingbird," as I simultaneously pointed my finger.  We both stared at it in disbelief.  It then zipped over to some half-opened blossoms of our magnolia tree, again, hung briefly in place, and then zoomed off into nowhere.

I felt sprinkled with stardust or a glittering of day dust.  What an enchanting gift from nature, unasked for, unsuspected, but given anyway.

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